Strong Man

Saturday, June 06th 2009, starting at 16 pm till 19 pm at the football pitch


The Strongest Man Contest

Strong man cup, an international competition for the strongest man, will take its place on Saturday June 06th, from 16 pm till 19 pm, at Ada Ciganlija as a part of Belgrade Sport Fest.

The strongest man competition is traditional and every year this unusual competition gets the attention of very large number of people who visit Ada Ciganlija during the Belgrade Sport Festival (June 05-07, 2009).

This term "Strongest man" occurred for the first time in 19th century and it was in connection with the circus shows where the artists showed their remarkable strength. From the 20th century, this term "Strongest man" refers to the athletic strength and endurability competitions (including the rock lifting, train and truck haul, truck tyre turnover,..), moving the limits of human strength and endurability to the improbable proportions. The most popular competition of this type is the "World strongest man" and "World's Strongest man Super Series".

At this Belgrade Sport Fest Strong Man cup, 9 top level contestants will participate (5 from Serbia and 4 from abroad), among them will be Darko Kalinović, a last year's winner. They will be competing in 6 disciplines: truck (10 tones) haul, Conan's wheel, race walking with concrete suitcases (120 kilos), turning over the truck tyre heavy 400 kg, weight lifting (150, 200 and 240 kg) up the four stairs and carrying the African rock (120 kilos)

The contest is placed at one of the football pitches, near the roundabout at Ada Ciganlija, on Saturday June 06th 2009 from 16 pm till 19 pm.


  1. Jovanović Darko
  2. Muratović Nebojša
  3. Makera Aleksandar
  4. Kalinović Darko
  5. Đorđević David
  6. Kevenski (Slovakia)
  7. Zuber (Croatia)
  8. Bajro (Hungary)
  9. Paulin (Slovakia)


  1. Truck haul
  2. Conan's wheel
  3. Suitcase carrying
  4. Tyre turnover
  5. African rock carrying
  6. Pyramid






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