Društvene i omladinske kampanje

Antidoping Agencija Republike Srbije

Data/Images/adas_mali.jpgBelgrade Sport Fest, oaza sporta i zdravlja, idealno je mesto da se uputi univerzalna društvena poruka o problemu dopinga u sportu koji je rastući problem sadašnjice, na žalost, u ekspanziji i ne sme biti ignorisan. Jedino konstantnom borbom može se sačuvati integritet sporta i zaštititi zdravlje sportista i omladine širom sveta.

Doping sredstva sistematski uništavaju ceo organizam, ne samo onih koji ih koriste već i njihovih pokolenja. Više od 50 domaćih sportista spremno je da umre za medalju na nekom velikom takmičenju kao što su Olimpijske igre ili Svetsko prvenstvo, pokazuje istraživanje Antidoping agencije Srbije. Šokatni nam podaci dolaze iz SAD-a i Kanade gde upotreba dopinga skoro da ima karakter epidemije. Različite studije pokazuju kako skoro 5% sportista u dobi do 14 godina koristi humani hormon rasta.

Belgrade Sport Fest kao festival posvećen isključivo sportu i rekreaciji, društvenom kampanjom o antidopingu, želi da doprinese edukaciji omladine, a posebno mladih sportista i rekreativaca. Želimo da se mladi ljudi u što većem broju bave sportom, takmičeći se na fer način, pri tom vodeći računa o sopstvenom zdravlju.

Antidoping agencija Republike Srbije sprovešće akciju koja će obuhvatiti deljenje promotivnih i edukativnih materijala, kao i razgovor sa prolaznicima/posetiocima, u cilju podizanja svesti građana o problemu dopinga u sportu.




Data/Images/logo_s.jpg Yugoslav youth association against Aids – JAZAS youth – is a non-governmental, non for profit, humanitarian organization founded in 1994 with an aim of organizing the projects of AIDS prevention and providing psycho-social help for the people who live with this disease. JAZAS youth team developed out of the idea of the young enthusiasts and today it has 11 regional offices all over the Republic of Serbia and over 3000 members.

This year, by favour of the "Durex" company, Jazas youth organization will present oneself at the Sport Fest.

Primary goal of this action is to draw attention of the young people both to the risks caused by unconscientiously behaviour, and to the importance of healthy lifestyle. Our stands will be located by the Main stage, right next to the "Jezero" restaurant. Our teams will distribute 15000 condoms along with educational material with the all relevant information. In addition to that, we are prepared to answer to every question regarding the reproductive health.

Through this campaign we will give our best in order to:

  • to decrease level of risk behaviour regarding AIDS and sexually transmitted infections among the young people through the counselling and informing,
  • to increase the condom usage among the young ones, by making them attainable.

JAZAS youth team is composing and carrying out its actions through fun and conversation, and they are presenting the world of new information about AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections to the young people always in a new and different way. While doing that they give their best in order to change the following two, widely spread opinions: negative opinion about the HIV positive people and the firm belief "No, that is not going to happen to me".

If you visit one of our stands, you can always talk to some of our educators. Our educators are mostly young people (15 to 24 years old) able to hand over their knowledge in a very easy and acceptable way. Sex is a pleasure, but also a responsibility to our and other people's health. Nevertheless, it is not always that easy to talk about it. Thanks to these kinds of manifestations you always have the opportunity to talk to our educators, who will share their information about safe sex with you at any time.

At this moment there are 30 million people in the world living with HIV, and Serbia is one of the regional countries with the largest number of the infected. Every 5 seconds somewhere in the world a one person gets infected, and every 15 seconds one life ends because of the AIDS. Even though, we all have heard about the sexually transmitted diseases and HIV, a great number of us do not practice safe sex. Therefore, JAZAS is using every opportunity and every manifestation where the young people gather to prevent another person from infection.

Come, ask and find out! Defend yourself successfully!



Data/Images/logo_yumsic_s.jpgIFMSA-Serbia (YuMSIC) is a full member of the International Federation of Medical Students' Organization in Serbia (IFMSA Serbia). IFMSA was founded in Copenhagen (Denmark) in 1951, as a non-governmental, none for profit and non-political organization acknowledged by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a forum of the students of medicine, which under and in accordance to the system of the United Nations is operating with an aim of global problems solving. Today, this organization has over 1 600 000 students, members, from all over the world and presents one of the largest student organizations in the world.

Since year 1953, YuMSIC has been a full member of IFMSA, and in that way is one of the oldest members of the IFMSA. Last year YuMSIC celebrated its 55 year of existence, and in that way is one of the oldest student's organizations, not only in Balkans but in Europe, also.

YuMSIC operates through 6 committees, which deal with different areas of the International cooperation of the medicine students:

  • Professional exchange, giving our students an opportunity to attend one month courses abroad.
  • Scientific exchange, giving the medical workers from Serbia, an opportunity to attend and be a part of some research or scientific project abroad.
  • Projects and actions in the public health area, in order to fight against smoking and mis usage of the psychoactive substances, to promote healthy life styles, and to point out some important dates for the medicine.
  • Projects and actions in the reproductive health area and AIDS, whose goal is to advance knowledge levels, and to change and increase the youth consciousness about the problems and prejudices concerning reproductive health, safe and satisfying sexual life, HIV/AIDS and STD, not only among the students of medicine, but among the whole population.
  • Following the trends in the area of medical education.
  • Activities related to human rights and peace.

High quality work of YuMSIC is proved by the numerous projects organized and conducted by the well organized teams, its partnership with the various national and international organizations and institutions, such as: USAID, UNICEF, UNAIDS, UNFPA, Ministry of Health, Republic Institute for the health protection and many others, and by the very important reputation within the IFMSA. We are members and founders of the Centre for international student cooperation (CMSS), and of Youth Peer network worldwide (y-peer), whose Serbian department is one of the most developed ones in the world.

All the information you can find at our web site: www.ifmsa-serbia.org or contact us at the Medical Faculty in Belgrade, Dr Subotića 8.

IFMSA-Serbia at Belgrade Sport Fest- is about to present healthy life styles to the young people and to show them how to develop their way of thinking in that direction.

Activities organized for the Belgrade Sport Fest:

  • Distribution of the educational material about various topics of reproductive and public health(addiction diseases, hepatitis B and C, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, obesity...).
  • Condom distribution.
  • "Questionnaire on health" – that is on healthy life styles, on the basis of voluntary and anonymous questioning of the interested people.
  • Socializing and giving information through conversation and answering the questions at the stand, on every subject regarding the public and reproductive health.
  • Distribution of the YuMSIC promotional material.
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